• RAYNALD COLOM, trumpet
    DANNY GRISSETT, Fender Rhodes/piano
    JOE SANDERS, bass
    LLUC CASARES, tenor saxophone
    After 7 years of recording silence as a leader Raynald Colom comes back with a Live Album. A legendary jump, five musicians and The Barcelona Session.

    Raynald Colom (trumpet), Joe Sanders and Gregory Hutchinson (rhythm section), Danny Grisset (Fender Rhodes) and Lluc Casares (saxo), play to eternalize one city, to musicalize its tempos, to reinvent its inner yells and whispers. A mythological leap through Barcelona, through subtle coordinates, thousands of times portrayed.

    Colom’s new project precisely plays to consider all of the jumps possibilities: to live and to feel the Mediterranean streets under circles and lines, to lose yourself, to find the path and, at a later point, to find yourself (…). The abstraction appears and a few minutes later it grounds itself.

    Magically we hear the concrete steps of the inquiry, of the emotion, the love and the knowledge. Lights and shadows are chiselled through this vibrant walk of constant metamorphosis. As Colom says: ‘the selection of themes is a sonorous travel through “my Barcelona”.

    The dawn is approaching the city. Our eyes are feeling it, our ears are looking at it, our skin is yelling all the nuances in Orange&Blue. This first original theme of the album quietly unveils the certitude from the one who sees what is seeing, the one who feels the dawn with everything and nothing at the same time.

    By the silence and the crowd, the album is already drawing urban and cubic sparkles.

    Miró is the second theme and a tribute to this great artist of the XX century whose creative freedom is paraphrased in the subtext of this piece. Textures and colours begin to increase throughout the album because Colom converses with these internationally renowned artists with whom he creates what he creates in The Barcelona Session.

    Suddenly one stop, a glance into the sky, the skateboard is whispering and the classic taste is spray-painting the new spirit. Bridges are created here (Interlude I), we wander through the streets with our own whispers (My own). Later we begin to run in jumps and schizophrenias which dress this city (Powder).

    And also the calm arrives in The Barcelona Session. With Peacocks ( Jimmy Rowles), the end of a new beginning is revived. It is one of Colom’s favourite ballads, directly associated with hope. At this point the night could be drawn without being seen, but by merely being heard.

    The Barcelona Session pendulates between non-existent beginnings and ends. In this emotional soundscape, the flight soars into the sky to reaffirm truths.

  • Steel

    Band members:
    RAYNALD COLOM, trumpet, keys
    DAVID SOLER, guitar, pedal steel
    JOSE BENITEZ, drums

    The Multi Award-Winning, trumpeter, composer and producer Raynald Colom presents his new project STEEL

    A radical change in the sound of Colom, known for albums such as «Evocation» (Best Jazz Album 2010 by Cuadernos de Jazz) or «Rise» (album revelation in Jazz Magazine), with the addition of guitarist David Soler, providing a more aggressive and contemporary sound infused by Flamenco, Rock and Black American Music. The band debuted at the Marciac Jazz Festival with great accolades from the public and press.

    STEEL extent goes beyond the music thanks to the collaboration with photographer Nicholas Dominic Talvola and the participation of poets and MCs in their upcoming album. A project that awakens all the senses and reaches a wider audience.