I met Ray when he was a teenager […] Since then, I’ve seen him become one of the best musicians of his generation and an accomplished composer, band leader in his own right. We have worked together for many years and I have the pleasure of working with him at Steel.
Raynald continues to embody the true spirit of art by using all his experiences to drive the musical wrap with an open mind, soul and keen understanding of what came before.

Jesse Davis


Raynald’s artistic evolution is overwhelming. […] He excellently fuses so different musical styles and integrates them in his music with an originality and a surprising maturity.
His style is very eclectic, endowed with a strong tradition of jazz, a language he has drunk since childhood, including flamenco (learned directly by the greats of this music), hip-hop, electronic music or classical music. I think that the variety of styles from which he is nourished, and that impressive comfort navigating through these disparate styles, make him a «rara avis» in the world of music, giving him a distinctive, personal and outstanding voice in his instrument.

Aruan Ortiz